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What is Atmospheric Pressure – Definition

The Standard Atmospheric Pressure is defined at sea-level at 273K and is: 101325 Pa; 1.01325 bar; 14.696 psi; 760 mmHg; 760 torr

The Standard Atmospheric Pressure


Atmospheric Pressure. Atmospheric pressure is the pressure in the surrounding air at – or “close” to – the surface of the earth. The atmospheric pressure varies with temperature and altitude above sea level. The Standard Atmospheric Pressure approximates to the average pressure at sea-level at the latitude 45° N.  The Standard Atmospheric Pressure is defined at sea-level at 273oK (0oC) and is:

  • 101325 Pa
  • 1.01325 bar
  • 14.696 psi
  • 760 mmHg
  • 760 torr
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