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What is Kinetic Temperature – Definition

Kinetic theory of gases defines temperature. Temperature is therefore related to the kinetic energies of the molecules of a material. Thermal Engineering

What is Temperature

In physics and in everyday life a temperature is an objective comparative measurement of hot or cold based on our sense of touch.  A body that feels hot usually has a higher temperature than a similar body that feels cold. But this definition is not a simple matter. For example, a metal rod feels colder than a plastic rod at room temperature simply because metals are generally better at conducting heat away from the skin as are plastics. Simply hotness may be represented abstractly and therefore it is necessary to have an objective way of measuring temperature. It is one of basic thermodynamic properties. What is the temperature in physics….

Kinetic Temperature

Kinetic theory of gases provides a microscopic explanation of temperature. It is based on the fact that during an elastic collision between a molecule with high kinetic energy and one with low kinetic energy, part of energy will transfer to the molecule of lower kinetic energy. Temperature is therefore related to the kinetic energies of the molecules of a material. Since this relationship is fairly complex, it will be discussed later.

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